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For the happiness of an important “family”
Pet Healing

An important existence like a family. A companion who spends time like a friend.
An important existence like a family. A companion who spends time like a friend. You want such
an existence to be “healthy and happy forever”, right?

Asian Angel Pet Healing delivers healing energy remotely. The healing reaches not only in Japan
but all over the world. By continuing the therapy, your immunity will increase and your mind and
body will become more stable.

Asian Angel therapists are qualified animal welfare professionals and are also studying as
Pet communicator to read the hearts of animals.
By asking your pet’s feelings and pains and taking a mental and physical approach, we will help you
to take care of your important existence.

The therapist, who is also a Pet communicator, sometimes conveys the feelings of the owner.
Because human feelings are complicated, they can bother pets.
Asian Angel also helps to deepen ties with partners who speak different languages.

Experience story

When I picked up a lost dog (Dachshund, an estimated 7 years old woman), I asked Ms.Anju to examine the dog’s physical and spiritual Reading.

“There are signs of surgery in the uterus, probably due to a malicious breeder.” Luna was malnourished.

she had a lot of puppies, so her bones were weak and she had a hernia. Luna underwent surgery and acupuncture. I was attending an Anjutherapy workshop,I was doing hand touch therapy with Luna, but I needed help.

Thanks to a professional therapist, we did remote healing Annual course. It was requested. Luna’s physical paralysis remained, but Luna gradually recovered and was able to take a walk.

After that, Luna had repeated mild hernias, but was healthy with telemedicine. Luna probably came to our house I’m 7 years old, but soon I’ll be 16 years old.

IJ female 60s Morioka city

Talk to your pet

Have you ever wondered if you could talk to animals?

What kind of food do you really want to eat? How do you feel every day? Or do you have any complaints

or troubles? etc.

Anju is also a pet communicator, helps you to connect your pet’s feelings.

We also convey your feelings to your pet.

The human being gives animals pressure unconsciously without noticing.

The animals come to be able to show an expression full of life by removing it.

The delicate heart of animals.

And love very deep

I want to tell you about understanding.


Anju of the pet communicator talks with the pets which died in heaven.

I free pets from the pain of the sad memory and body and convey that it is loved existence forever.

Deep relief is got from owner.

Please hold a true memorial service through me.

Pet healing menu

・5 times ¥ 11,000 (including tax)
・1 year (36 times) ¥ 66,000 (including tax) 

  • If you are being treated due to illness or injury, we will arrange the healing method and number of times after referring to the doctor’s diagnosis.

Talk to your pet

One time ¥ 3,300 (including tax)