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Energy that reaches anywhere in the world
Remote therapy

The energy which reaches everywhere in the world〈Remote therapy〉
For example, even if you are not in Japan For example, even midnight is in early morning, too
This special energy will reach you and bring deep healing and improvement

To such one.

  • The person who is busy, and can’t go to a salon easily
  • The person who lives in a distant place
  • The person who lives besides Japan
  • I want to boost immunity ・I want to improve my intuition・ I want to develop my talents
  • I want my family to do remote therapy

Impressions of an experience person

You can check your body at home・ Get advice to make up for your weaknesses before you get sick

F.M, female 50s Fukuoka City

I’m requesting a remote therapy for 1 year from my parents who live in a far place.

It is helpful because I get impressions of therapy and specific advice every time.

For example, what should parents eat? What kind of sports should parents play?

M.Y female, 30s Himeji city

I have different working hours and I can’t easily treat myself. So I am requesting remote therapy.

This is the second year. Not only my physical condition but also my luck has improved.

The relationships in the workplace have also improved, making it much easier to work!

Nice effect! Thank you.

T.T female, 50s, Iwate prefecture

The sense of security by which I receive a remote therapy in a professional therapist periodically.

You can tell my own consciousness and the family’s feeling, so I’m thankful.

If you just want to relax, you can go to a massage shop in town, but remote therapy is worth more.

O.C female, 40s Osaka

When my husband collapsed due to subarachnoid hemorrhage.

・I was taught by Mr. Anju how to perform subarachnoid therapy. After that, the husband recovered and the doctor said, “A miracle!”

And my husband was able to return to work early.

・Thanks to the fact that the whole family is taking remote therapy, we are living in good health. And medical expenses have decreased.

・I also started studying as a remote therapist. Now it’s a lot of fun to learn the effects of essential oils, natural stones, sounds and words.

・I get advice from Mr. Anju on how to deal with my mother-in-law.

・The therapy effect protects family members, friends, and loved ones other than yourself.

・I thought like this.

It’s like the light seen through a dark tunnel.
This remote therapy is a light of salvation.

K.Y female, 50s Kobe city

We have received many other impressions.

◆Remote therapy is a high-dimensional light energy wave therapy.

It transfers the waves of essential oils and natural stones, and delivers vibrations such as words and tuning forks remotely.

Remote therapy menu No. 1

・One trial ¥4,000 (excluding tax)
・Only for the first time ¥12,000 become ¥10,000 (excluding tax) 3 times a month.

Remote therapy menu No. 2

・Those who want to charge energy firmly
 3 months 10 times ¥40,000 become ¥35,000 (excluding tax)
Purchase benefits : Please choose one from Aura Spray, Bath Salts, Chakra Tone, Aroma Body Oil and more.

Other remote therapies

・6 months 24 times ¥96,000  becomes  ¥90,000 (excluding tax)
・48 times a year ¥192,000  becomes ¥180,000 (excluding tax)

Course by purpose

・Health recovery of injuries and illnesses
・Energy boost and affirmation to achieve the purpose
・Energy boost and advice for business owners and leaders
・The family course that can take lectures in the whole family.
・A quality of soul improvement course. Others

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