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About Asian angel

We Asian Angels hope this.

The vibration of the earth returns to its original state, and

It is an earth where humans and animals and plants can coexist.

Spiritual and real.

Not just the idea. not just the things.

To take the middle of the two

Asian Angel took the form of a corporation.

I would like to develop salons mainly in Asia.

“Let’s shine light from Asia!”

With the staff gathered with that slogan

We are developing a salon based on the theory of Ayurveda.

Asian healers Anju and therapists helps create your life.

Owner Anju

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Therapist MIYABI

Special Skills: Aromatherapy & Facial Massage, Reading, Pet Healing, spirit hemp, Kendo

Qualification: Aromatherapy & Medical Herbs & Aroma Therapist & Reflexology & Hand Therapist Lecturer

Completed TOTOK facial lesson, cat specialist, cat sitter

Small animal nurse, pet saver ERT (pet emergency rescue worker)

Favorite things: TVXQ, watching medical dramas, forest bathing, cat-sniffing.

Therapist HOA (HOA … means “flower” in Vietnamese)

Special skills: Hand touch therapy, dietary advice, rune fortune-telling

Qualification: Dietitian license

Completed Ajuna Villa & Spa Facial Professional Course

Favorite thing: Visiting coffee shops, looking for delicious latte and chai tea.

Therapist LINDA

Special Skills: Remote Healing, Pet Healing, Purification, YOGA

Qualification: Pets manager 3rd grade, IWCA certified chair yoga instructor

Favorite things: watching Korean dramas, watching Korean movies, Kyogen, YOGA, reading, high school baseball.

Therapist KEIKAN

Special Skills: Hand Touch Therapy, Balinese Massage & Facial, Flower Arrangement, Cooking

Qualification: Completed Balinese body massage Spa treatments and training courses and Completed TOTOK facial lesson, Ryusei-ha Flower Arrangement Professor

Favorite things: listening to music, watching Chinese and Korean dramas, handiwork, online shopping.

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